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Why Online Dating Works

Online Dating Safety Tips

Getting the most from Online Dating

Getting the most from Online Dating

To get the most from your membership of Datingle Seniors UK, you need to be doing certain things - and not doing others!

Let's start with how you can attract the most interest in YOU.

Your Profile

Your profile is your chance to tell people about yourself, and it is one of the most important factors in your success on our site. A good profile will generate interest in you, while a bad one will have people staying away in droves!

So what makes a good profile?

  • Tell the truth about your age, weight, height, body type and so on, or you are just wasting everyone's time. Remember, everyone is attracted to different things and there are definitely people out there who will find you attractive just as you are. Be PROUD of who you are!
  • Upload at least one good, CURRENT photo (be PROUD of who you are, remember?!)  Make sure it is a photo just of you, with no ex-partners / friends / children in the shot with you.
  • We provide a big box for you to tell people about yourself, and filling this in properly is really important. Use the opportunity to say a little about yourself, who you are, why you are on this site and what you are looking for. It doesn't have to be witty, and it doesn't have to be brilliant prose, but make it honest.
  • Use the other features of the site such as uploading a video profile to really make your profile stand out.

Get these things right and before you know it you will have potential dates contacting you with winks and messages!


You can do a 'quick' search to find potential dates that meet the age and location you specify, and if you do a 'full' search you can specify additional things such as their religion, whether they smoke not, do they have children, etc.

Being too picky can seriously limit your chances of finding a match, so if you are not getting many results from your searches, consider looking at profiles of people that:

  • are further away than you would prefer;
  • are younger (or older) than you would prefer;
  • don't have photos on their profile (some people are shy).

Find someone you like in a search? Great!  But don't wait for them to make the first move and contact you - get in touch with them!  You see how this works, don't you?  If everyone waits for someone else to make the first move the result is - nothing.  No dates, no messages, not even a wink - for anyone! So go on, make the first move!

Contacting potential dates

A 'wink' can break the ice, but don't just 'wink' at someone you are interested in and expect them to get back to you - most people on the site will ignore you as you are not putting in enough effort.

Instead, 'wink' if you want, but then follow it up with a proper, personalised message. In your message you should mention specific details you liked about them in their profile, and invite them to look at your profile and reply if they like what they see.

Your first message should be an introduction, nothing more. Don't invite people out on dates in your first message to them - getting to know each other a little first by exchanging a few messages is a much better idea!

Even online, where things happen at the speed of light, you still need to let a little time pass to build a rapport by exchanging messages with each other before you consider meeting up!

Get all of this right, and the next step is arranging that first meeting!

See what you should do before meeting someone for the first time - read our Online Dating Safety Tips.