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Why Online Dating Works

Online Dating Safety Tips

Getting the most from Online Dating

Online Dating Safety Tips

We believe in love - but stay safe

First and foremost the reason we set up this site is to help you find love with that elusive person that is out there for you - somewhere! Unfortunately there are some not so nice people using dating sites as well, but follow these simple rules and you will stay safe, have fun - and hopefully find your perfect Tingly partner!

One more point before we give you these tips - remember, most members of Datingle Seniors UK are really nice, genuine people, so don't let these safety tips put you off. Thousands and thousands of marriages testify to the success of dating sites - they are a great way for people to meet new life partners.

Profile Tips

  • Choose an online name that will allow you to stay anonymous, and keep it clean - you might attract a lot of attention calling yourself Minx69, but do you want that sort of attention?
  • Have an e-mail address you use just for dating site messages. Set up a free one with a service such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Don't put your address, your phone number, where you work or your private or work e-mail address in your profile.

Messages and Phone Calls Tips

Inevitably you will want to communicate with some of the other people on the site, and some of the other people on the site will want to communicate with you. And you're never going to get a date if you don't start talking to some people on the site!

So, to stay safe:

  • Trust your instincts - if something seems wrong, it probably is. There are plenty more people out there, so don't persevere with building a relationship that just doesn't feel right.
  • Give out personal information sparingly, until you can be sure that the person you are talking to is trustworthy.
  • Ask for a recent photo. If they haven't posted one on their profile this is especially important.
  • When it feels like time to take things to the next level and talk on the phone, use a mobile phone. Keep your home number to yourself for now.
  • Are they suddenly having to end the call, can only talk during the day, or having to keep their voice down when talking to you? Watch out - married men and women have been known to join dating sites, and these are signs that you might be dealing with one of them.

Meeting Tips

So the messages and phone calls have been a success, and you are ready to meet. The Tingle of anticipation begins - at last, this is what you joined a dating site for, right?

Right - it's not a pen-pal agency, it's a dating site! But don't let your enthusiasm for your impending date blow all of the common sense out of your head. There are still a few more things that you need to do to keep safe, until you can be absolutely sure that the person you are meeting with is trustworthy.

  • Don't get a false sense of security - you may have spent weeks or months e-mailing and talking on the phone with the person you are about to meet, but they are still a relative stranger to you. Be on your guard.
  • Make the first meeting in daylight, in a public place such as a busy cafe or restaurant.
  • Tell a friend where you are meeting, who you are meeting and when. Get them to call you early on during the date. You can then excuse yourself easily with the "emergency" that has come up, or you can stay if you want, if it is going well!
  • Do not make it a dinner date - if you aren't hitting it off, there is nothing worse than having to sit through a lengthy meal with someone you've decided you don't want to pursue a relationship with. Just meet up for a coffee or a light snack for your first date.
  • While we're talking drinks, keep your alcohol consumption under control - you are more likely to be open and trusting too soon if you drink too much.
  • Make your own way to and from the date - they shouldn't know exactly where you live yet, remember?
  • Do they look like their photo? Are they the height they said - in other words, does what they told you about themselves match up with what the person that is standing in front of you looks like? If not, time to go - if they've lied about this, what else have they lied about?
  • Keep the date to the length you agreed, and when you leave, go your separate ways. Don't be tempted to extend the date with a stroll in the park or - heaven forbid - back to their place. But if things went well then go on, arrange a second date!

We love to hear about it when people find love through our sites - e-mail us with your story, and for each one we feature on our web sites we'll send you a bottle of bubbly!

Good luck!